Wendy Smith

Paralympian, NLP Master & Trainer & Business Owner


Ss well as being a speaker, I chose Wendy to represent the charity in making presentations to Head Teachers at their conferences and regional meetings.  This is a demanding role given the current heightened political and financial pressures upon Head Teachers.  Wendy quickly became one of the most reliable and effective spokesperson for 21CL at these meetings and I am thrilled that she has committed so much time to help us in expanding the awareness and take-up of the program.
Former Director of 21st Century Legacy
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After suffering a spinal injury at the age of 17 and being told she would never walk again, Wendy Smith developed her own rehabilitation program and spent 10 years retraining her body to walk.

In 2002 she discovered wheelchair basketball, quickly became a member of the Great Britain Women’s team and represented her country in Athen’s at the 2004 Paralympic games.

Wendy  then became a qualified sports psychologist, sports massage therapist, level 2 basketball coach, level 2 basketball referee, basketball tutor and studied NLP to master and trainer status.  She is an ambassador for 21st century legacy which involves inspiring school children to find their passion in life and aspire to achieve their goals and is also an ambassador for Milestone Group who are the founders of the passion project which works towards helping 16-24 years olds find their talent zone and gain work.

Wendy Smith spends the majority of her time working within the personal development and self-management field. Also working within the educational system, Wendy works as a mentor running interventions to assist pupils to regain their balance and enjoy the precious time they spend at school.

Wendy is passionate about helping others ‘be the best’ and find their pathway to success.

Key speaking topics include:

  • Self Awareness & Ownership
  • Situational & Hostility Awareness
  • Situation Position Implication
  • Focus & Perception
  • Effective Communication
  • Beliefs and Behaviours
  • Team Development &  resilience
  • How to directionalize your brain
  • Becoming a great leader
  • Closing the gap in education