Ruby Wax

Comedienne, Keynote Speaker, Mental health Speaker and Awards Host

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Ruby Wax is a well known TV personality, actor and has been an active voice in the battle against mental illness. She facilitates workshops and presents keynotes which focus on neuroscience, communication, and leadership. She effortlessly combines humor with heavy and important topics. Her keynotes are captivating and informative.

Ruby Wax is upfront, sassy and with a reputation for posing questions no one else would think to ask.

Ruby Wax has become one of the best known and popular faces on television in recent years. She has also performed stand-up comedy and toured extensively around the globe. In her own unique and inimitable style Ruby has confronted Imelda Marcos, irritated Donald Trump and been intimate with Pamela Anderson, she is one of the few television personalities who has cracked Cannes and Hollywood.

Her TV shows get under the skin of celebrity and seek out the wackier side of life.

She is in demand not only for dinner speaking and entertainment, but also moderates conferences, where a sharp brain, wittiness and humour is of essence.