Richard McCann

Exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to give your people the iCan approach


Richard McCann  was the keynote speaker at the Bradford School Business Managers’ Conference and was truly inspirational.  He told his story with an openness and honesty that moved everyone in the room.  We all came away with the iCan attitude which we will use to give the children in our schools the very best chances’.
Bradford School Business Managers' Conference
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Richard McCann is an exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to give your people the iCan approach

We live in challenging times and Richard McCann knows a thing or two about challenge. He has endured and overcome, what can only be described as insurmountable odds, throughout his almost 40 years.

On a cold and misty morning in October 1975, Richard McCann, aged 5 woke up to discover that his Mother was gone. She was the first victim of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

His first reaction, even at such an early age, was to think about how he could improve his situation. He couldn’t bring his mother back but he could decide how to look differently at what life had thrown at him.

The series of steps that took Richard McCann from where he was as a frightened 5 year old, to the powerful and inspirational speaker he is today, are what makes his seminars and workshops such powerful tools for change.

Focussing on the key strategies that helped him to grow beyond just surviving and create the life he wanted, has enabled Richard McCann to create inspirational presentations on Change, Challenge and Leadership which will give your team the fuel to make life-changing decisions and create an iCan culture within your organisation.

An exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to give your people the iCan approach. Not only does Richard McCann live and breathe the iCan philosophy, but has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to change the way their people think – and act.

Richard McCann  Motivational speaker, professional speaker, inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, available for business, corporate, community and education clients.

Education Specific

Richard McCann is one of the most successful speakers in the UK today. And he puts a large part of his success down to his English Teacher Mr Hill. When Richard was just 5 years of age his mother was tragically murdered by the serial killer: Peter Sutcliffe. What followed was a children’s home to then be brought up by his estranged and often violent father. With low self esteem and no confidence Richard went off the rails. He turned to alcohol and crime and was a very angry teenager. That was until he met his English Teacher Mr Hill. He was able to see through Richard’s behaviour and he encouraged him to enter the school public speaking competition which he went on to win. It was a defining moment in Richard’s life. 30 years later Richard McCann has become one of the busiest speakers in the UK and has now spoken all around the world and to over 200’000 people. His presentation not only reminds teachers of the difference that they can make but also challenges the perceptions many of us have of young people. He is also a Sunday Times No1 BestSelling Author and a feature film about his life in now in development.

Richard McCann  is available for business, community and educational events.