Rachel Colenso

Extraordinary female adventurer, British SAS Special Forces – decision making, teamwork and risk management


What first strikes you about Rachel are her sincerity and humility, qualities that are usually not so forthcoming in a person that has experienced and accomplished as much as she has. Her incredible story and her natural charisma in delivering it truly moved our audience. This was confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received after the event. She came across as truly authentic and natural while taking absolute command of the stage. Rachel managed to raise the impact of the central message of our conference with a highly-effective performance. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any kind of event of this nature.
Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Marketing, LSG Sky Chefs
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Rachel Kelsey Colenso is an outstanding conference and motivational speaker with a wealth of adventurous experiences that she links seamlessly into a business context and everyday life situations.

Rachel Colenso is one of the most extraordinary female adventurers in the world and was a ‘Super Human’ finalist in the UK Channel 4 television series.

As one of only four women in the world to go through the rigorous British SAS Special Forces selection process, Rachel Colenso is adept at winning over audiences and inspiring groups to go beyond their limits.

In October 2003 Rachel Kelsey Colenso  hit world headlines when she was stranded on a sheer face at 3000m during an extreme blizzard in the Swiss Alps. After two nights on a tiny ledge with 1000 metre drops each side she was evacuated by helicopter. Her inspiring book, ‘In a High and Desperate Place’ also provides useful information for business or life on how to survive and succeed in times of extreme adversity.

Her account of this experience has people on the edges of their seats, and thinking for a long time afterwards about how they can deal with situations in their own lives.

Rachel Colenso connects with her audiences by transporting them into a world where risk is the norm, and where life relies on sound decision making. Rachel Colenso shows how cohesive teamwork, and creatively nurturing each opportunity by pooling knowledge, skills and experience, can help teams to survive and succeed in the most inhospitable climates.

Rachel Colenso has spoken in various countries and an impressive list of clients has endorsed her speaking and adventurous expeditions to promote eco tourism and sustainable development. Rachel is well informed and articulate, having run her own business alongside competing at international level in extreme sports events.

She has led numerous expeditions to jungle, desert and snowy regions around the globe. As the first woman going through the African Mountain Guides Scheme, Rachel is skilled in inspiring teams to work synergistically and resourcefully, creatively nurturing opportunities for success.

Rachel’s background of guiding in mountains and jungle environments enables her to be at ease talking to corporate audiences, at charity and celebratory functions and to school children alike. One of her greatest achievements must be in making people aware of what can be accomplished despite unforeseen events, or plans that don’t run smoothly.

Rachel Kelsey Colenso  inspires her business audiences to excel despite tight deadlines and demanding situations. Her humorous insight into how teams and leaders operate under stress is a popular after dinner and keynote.