Pauline Sanderson

Taking you on the worlds longest climb


Everyone was expecting an interesting talk but no-one expected the energy and infectious positivity that fills a room when Pauline Sanderson enters it. She really brings her story to life and engages you from the minute she starts speaking. Whether you are mountain-mad outdoor enthusiast or a suited and booted City type, there is something for everyone to take away from the talk
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Much can be learnt by both individuals and teams from this Guinness World Record adventure. Through rigorous preparation with the event organiser, Pauline Sanderson ensures that the audience will benefit as much as possible from the story of her extraordinary journey.

Pauline Sanderson’s story will take you from the team’s starting point on bikes at the Dead Sea in Jordan, through Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal and finally to Everest Base Camp in Tibet. There, they exchanged bikes for crampons and climbed the great mountain itself. Pauline puts the secret of their success down to ‘lots and lots of laughter, positive attitude and belief in the goal’.lots and lots of laughter, positive attitude and belief in the goal’

The EVERESTMAX journey had to deal with every team challenge you could throw at it. The teamwork was the reason it was a success. Pauline Sanderson will draw on the many experiences to explain how and why their team managed an array of difficult situations such as people dynamics, constant change in logistics, adversity of weather, riots, bureaucratic obstacles, threats, personal and team esteem and of course physical endurance.

As a speaker, Pauline Sanderson takes you with her on this emotional and inspirational journey that started and finished with 7 people in perfect health and still talking…quite an achievement!