Paul Wearmouth

Customer service and customer experience expert


Paul Weamouth  was selected by the ISMM both for his professional delivery and for his practical and effective sales content. He delivered an excellent presentation to ISMM members
Institute Of Sales And Marketing Management
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Once described as the “Go to Sales Guy” by his own team, Paul Wearmouth is a speaker who inspires, motivates and electrifies his audience in to taking action to improve their business, their job and even their lives.

With passion and humour Paul Wearmouththe creator of 5 Star Service and ACE – Amazing Customer Experience blends key businesses messages in an entertaining and engaging style that challenges people, makes them sit up and listen and leave buzzing with ideas to put in to practice.

As a specialist in what makes people buy more and sell better, Paul Wearmouth delivers motivational and keynote presentations that make people sit up and listen. Speaking from real-life experience and events, he shares a clear set of messages that guide sales professionals and leaders to gain the success that they truly desire.

Paul’s belief is simply “How you sell it, is how the other person will buy it” and this is the underlying message he shares in all his presentations, allowing delegates to see, hear and feel the influence and impact that they have on a customer’s buying decision and their perception of their business.

Paul Wearmouth educates and empowers people at all levels to sell themselves, their ideas and their services with more belief, skill, confidence and impact in order to engage with their customers and win more business.

Paul Wearmouth shares that successful selling comes from truly understanding customer needs and gaining a clear knowledge of what our customers really do buy in to. Paul has proven this understanding works from a career spanning over 20 years in a wide range of selling arenas from retailers through to direct B2B. Running stores and business divisions with turnovers that run in to the millions, Paul developed a key understanding of the power of customer relations and the ability to get inside a customer’s mind to discover what truly inspires a “yes” or no” answer to buy.

From achieving Sales Excellence and creating a 5 Star Customer Service through to delivering a Sales Winning Customer Experience, Paul Wearmouth shares his high energy message in a way that makes people take notice and take action. Sales and Service today require a very different approach. Paul helps people, teams and organisation understand that in order to succeed in today’s tough and competitive climate, you must be doing something different, something personal and engaging with your customers like never before.

Because when the service is taken to the next level and when the customer experience is the best it can be, you will have roaming ambassadors telling the world how good your business is!

Key messages

  • Delivering 5 Star Customer Service
  • Creating a Sales Winning Customer Experience
  • Achieving Peak SALES Performance