Neal Fullerton

Musical Motivational Speaker, Conference Energizer & Teamwork Coach


Neal Fullerton was excellent.  It was a tough audience to engage with but he managed it.  Who would have thought he could get over 100 managers singing!  Neal related the content very well to working to together and working to one goal and ‘sticking to the plan’.  Feedback I’ve had has been that this was the best communications day.  Ending it with Neal Fullerton  will make it memorable for a long time.
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Neal Fullerton uses music to illustrate key elements in Working Effectively Together. Using very simple instruments (colourful tuned plastic tubes called “Boomwhackers”) handed out to the audience – he turns the group into an impromptu orchestra and participants have to work together to create harmony.

During his session 8 Key Elements of working effectively together are demonstrated:
1. Listening
2. Accuracy
3. Timing
4. Focus
5. Using Resources Creatively
6. Following the Plan
7. Fine-tuning
8. Leadership

Neal’s stage presence is energetic, warm and engaging, leaving the audience feeling highly energised, with clear take-away messages about working effectively together.

Neal Fullerton is a highly sought-after and very engaging speaker who uses music in a unique, interactive way to illustrate key elements in Working Effectively Together. Using very simple instruments (colourful tuned plastic tubes called “Boomwhackers”) which are handed out to the audience, he can easily have 500 conference delegates all playing the theme from Beethoven’s 9th symphony together!

There are others who use music – but his style is unique.

By having the audience play these simple instruments themselves during his session – as an impromptu orchestra – participants are reminded of what it takes to work together effectively. Through the sound of the music they create in the room, everyone can immediately hear when they are working well together. It sounds good!

Neal is passionate about music after many years as a professional musician, entertainer and music therapist. He also has a commercial background having worked for a number of international companies in sales and marketing such as Pilkington and Bausch & Lomb. This combination of commercial and entertainment experience gives him a real edge in delivering
keynote presentations.

One of his most unusual assignments was to create a team building session – using music – for the Norwegian armed forces. Both new raw recruits as well as officers have taken part in his many sessions, which deliver essentialmessages about working as a team in a unique and enjoyable format.

International Organisations and Companies as diverse as the Red Cross,
Pfizer and the University of York have all had their conferences enhanced by
Neal’s unique teamwork sessions.