Maxine De Brunner

Metropolitan Police Service’s most senior officers, experienced advisor on transformational change

‘Maxine De Brunner’s speech was so very well received, thought provoking, interactive, we thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘
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Serving as one of the Metropolitan Police Service’s most senior officers, Maxine de Brunner rose through the ranks of one of the most highly pressured working environments that exists, and in doing so was awarded the QPM for her services to policing.

An experienced advisor on transformational change, Maxine De Brunner has led one of the most historically significant change programmes to the structure and delivery of the policing service across London; driving forward enhanced working practices through augmented technologies, reduction of management and bureaucracy and improved budget management.

Following the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks,  Maxine De Brunner spearheaded the largest counter terrorism exercise the UK has seen – a multi-site scenario with key partners, which saw her advising and liaising with the Government to ensure the Prime Minister and Cabinet were fully prepared and equipped to hold COBRA meetings during the two-day event.

As part of Specialist Crime Directorate,  Maxine De Brunner worked on the Kidnap Unit, as well as the Arts and Antiquities and Cheque and Credit Card squads.

She has also led numerous high profile and sensitive cases involving the Royal Family, politicians, corporate blackmail and money laundering.

Maxine  has served as Chair on the National Police Prison Intelligence Board and the Interception and Communications Data Board; a member of both the National Intelligence Board and the Specialist Capability Board as National prisons lead, as well as the Organised Crime/Counter Terrorism Collaboration Board. Maxine was the London ‘prepare’ lead for Counter Terrorism .

Maxine De Brunner speaks with the authority of a wealth of experience and has delivered keynote speeches at numerous high profile events, including those for the NHS, recruitment markets and throughout the Government and National Policing arenas.

Outside of the police,  Maxine De Brunner also serves as Chair of the Board of Governors for an Educational Charity Trust in Surrey, moving the trust from significant loss to surplus during her time there.

Since leaving the MET Maxine De Brunner has been sharing her expertise with audiences in the UK – her main topic is transformational change and her keynote speech is entitled “Change is a Critical Incident”

Key speeches
Change is a Critical Incident – Treat it as such
Maxine De Brunner  will share thoughts and ideas having been the Transformation Director for the Metropolitan Police. Transforming a complex and high-risk organisation has many challenges and Maxine will demonstrate how to manage these and achieve success.
The invisible predator
Maxine De Brunner will give the audience an insight of key challenges and emerging threats. Maxine will outline a strategic response to cyber enabled crime and demonstrate how cyber crime is fast overtaking conventional crime types.
How thin is the glass? 
Maxine De Brunner  rose swiftly through the ranks of her organisation by hard work, studying, delivering results and sheer determination. She will share with the audience the difficulties and solutions of balancing politics, high profile cases, high-risk operations while battling a white male culture and at times, sexist media reporting.
Courage to be Inspirational
Maxine De Brunner  will share her personal journey to the top including key challenges and what has made her stronger. The audience will develop an understanding of the difficulties and solutions of balancing politics, high profile cases, high-risk operations while battling a white male culture and at times, sexist media reporting.
Education specific: Better together
Maxine De Brunner  will introduce her speech by outlining the difficulties of running a small school in an ever changing and more competitive market. She will talk about the power of a parent body and the steps she took to turnaround a school facing closure.
Trojan Defence
This is a package beginning with a speech by Maxine De Brunner  on Cyber attack, Cyber abuse and Cyber bullying, followed by a focus group/training session by an ex Scotland Yard counter terrorism intelligence officer.