Matt King OBE

Author, lawyer, artist, adventurer and mentor


Words cannot do justice to the impact Matt King OBE has had on our workforce. As a speaker he is inspirational, as a person quite unbelievable and as a tool to engage our employees, he has been invaluable. Matt’s unquenchable desire to succeed and overcome is now ingrained in our philosophy at Lend Lease.
European Head of Environment Health and Safety, Lend Lease
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Like you, Matt King OBE has experienced adversity. Personal problems, professional challenges, who hasn’t? But unlike others, Matt King OBE’s challenges were brought about through a broken neck, paralysis and an uncompromising view at what is achievable in life.

Waking up in hospital as a 17-year-old, Matt King OBE’s life had changed unrecognisably. Paralysed from the neck down, ventilator dependent and laying in a specialist spinal cord injury unit, his goals and ambitions had changed along with it.

His first goal was simply to survive.

Matt King OBE’s view is radically different from others professing the secrets to success, simply because he has been there and done it, and the techniques and strategies he shares work!

How will you know this? Well, quite simply, Matt King OBE has gone from a paralysed teenager, through to becoming a pioneer pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in life, irrespective of one’s situation.

First class honours law degree, legal career, mouth painting artist, skiing the slopes of Sweden, completing global marathons and writing his autobiography – Matt King OBE is the real deal!

Sharing the same skills and techniques he has used to excel, those hearing the emotive and provocative way Matt King OBE shares his journey will gain an all-important perspective of the challenges they face and leave armed with the practical tools to maximise their potential in both their personal and professional lives.

Described by The Independent as ‘the inspirational journey of an inspirational man’, the rollercoaster of emotions Matt King OBE leads you through will have you coming away inspired and empowered to be the best YOU can be

Matt King OBE has worked with the best, and helped them to become better! Coaching the England Rugby League National team, professional sporting teams, NHS Managerial and Clinical Staff, sector leading corporations and businesses, universities and schools – Matt King OBE uses his experiences to help anybody, of any age, overcome the obstacles in their path.

With a foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson, Matt King OBE’s autobiography, ‘04.04.04’, ensures his legacy is a lasting one. Alongside his legal career, Matt mentors spinal-cord injured individuals in hospitals across the country, has served as a board member with a number of charities, and regularly auctions off paintings he has created with his mouth for charity.

Matt was awarded an OBE in 2012 for services to charity for those with disabilities, and in doing so became the youngest person ever to receive the honour.

Matt King OBE’s presentations focus on the power of mind-set and personal resilience to overcome adversity, adapt to change and thrive in the most difficult of circumstances.

His presentations are uniquely tailored to his clients requirement and his most popular speeches include:

  • These Shoes Were Made for Walking…
  • The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Difference!
  • Limitations are only in your Mind!
  • Stepping up to the Challenge!
  • Accepting Responsibility to Succeed
  • What it takes to Achieve
  • Not just Surviving, but Thriving!