Martin Stepek

Sunday Herald Mindfulness Columnist, Award Winning Author and Poet and Highly Respected Mindfulness Teacher

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Martin Stepek is a compelling and inspirational speaker and is an ideal choice for the keynote address for your conference or seminar. He has practiced Mindfulness for over 20 years and is now one of the most respected teachers of Mindfulness in Scotland. He is the Sunday Herald Columnist on Mindfulness and an award winning Author & Poet in the subject.

Martin  was a Director of his own family business for many years and Chief Executive of the Scottish Family Business Association and so can use his varied experience in  Mindfulness and Business to cover many topics including:

• Improving your company’s leadership with Mindfulness;

• Improving your performance & sense of fulfilment at work with Mindfulness;

• Letting go of stress, anxiety and worry with Mindfulness;

• Finding greater happiness with Mindfulness;

• Positively impacting your health and well-being by being in the present with Mindfulness.

In addition to Mindfulness, Martin  can also speak with real expertise and deep personal experience in his main areas of interest: family businesses, his remarkable Polish heritage (he is a recent recipient of the prestigious Polish award, the Gold Cross of Merit), his own varied life experience, the creative mind, the arts especially poetry, and  green and ethical contemporary issues.