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100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience

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Widely  considered  a  thought  leader,  with  deep  experience  of  the  European,  US  and  Asia  Pacific  markets,  Martin  Newman  is  known  globally  as  one  of  the  foremost  authorities  on  customer  experience.

His  achievements  cover  over  35  years  in  Retail,  heading  up  the  Multichannel  operations  of  some  of  the  world’s  leading  brands  including  Burberry,  Intersport,  Pentland  Brands  (Speedo,  Berghaus),  Harrods  and  Ted  Baker.

In  August 2018  Martin  released  his  first  book,  100  Practical  Ways  to  Improve  Customer  Experience,  which  provides  both  strategic  and  practical  advice,  focusing  on  multichannel  industries  that  face  major  challenges  from  disruptive  brands. Drawing  on  his  extensive  experience  in  the  retail  space,  the  book  details  tips  and  pointers  that  all  consumer  facing  businesses  can  action  to  become  customer-centric. 

Martin  is  the  founder  and  Chairman  of  global  consultancy company,  Practicology.  He  is  also  a  board  member  of  renowned  retail  companies  including  White  Stuff,  he  sits  on  the  advisory  board  of Yext,  a  leading  digital  knowledge  management  provider,  and  is  also  a  member  of the  prestigious  KPMG  IPSOS  Retail  Think  Tank.

Martin  has  been  listed  in  various  industry  leader  lists  including  being  listed  on  Retail  Week’s  top  50  eTail  Power  List  for  five years  in  a  row,  he  has  been  named  in  Retail  Insiders  top  100  Retail  movers  &  shakers  list  for  a  number  of  years  consecutively  and  on  the  British  Vogue  Online  Fashion  100. He  has  been  a  judge of  numerous  awards  including  the  World Retail  Awards,  the  Customer  Experience  awards,  the  Retail  Insider  awards,  the  PayPal  eTail  Awards  and  the  Online  Retail  Awards  of  Australia.

Speaker Topics Include:

How to drive customer-centricity

Martin has led the customer-centric transformation of many leading brands including Burberry, TedBaker and Pentland Brands. In his talk he will draw on his vast experience to discuss the application of this strategy to your own businesses.

How to learn from the retail sector

As a client and as an advisor, Martin has vast experience within the retail sector. In his talk he will discuss how to improve engagement with core customer segments in non-retail verticals, taking inspiration from leaders in the retail field.

How to internationalise your business

Martin is the author of leading book ‘100 practical ways to improve customer experience and achieve end-to-end engagement in a multi channel world’.
He will discuss his work in achieving end-to-end engagement in new markets and how this can be applied to other businesses