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Life after Sport – from Boot Room to Boardroom


We have engaged Leon Lloyd on numerous occasions over the past 7 years from sporting question and answers sessions to multimedia driven thought provoking and inspiring motivational presentations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leon Lloyd, he’s an ideal speaker with a real story and background, he researches well and prepares thoroughly to ensure we call him back time after time. Leon Lloyd works well one to one or to an auditorium of Hundred’s of our City based business clients.
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Leon Lloyd is an unusual guy. As a professional rugby union player at the top of his game, representing Leicester Tigers and England during the Golden Era, he was quick to realise that there needed to be life after sport.

Leon Lloyd  used the later part of his professional sports career to carefully plan his own transition, spending time in the Tigers booking office, with the ground staff and even in Hospitality and the Payroll Dept to further his skills.

He has a fast growing reputation as a public speaker, winning over audiences with his honesty, his humour and his humility. He shares his story, his insight and acute understanding of what it took to become a celebrated English International player in one of the most successful professional sports teams of his era.

Leon Lloyd is superbly well equipped to share with you his story of success, the highs and lows of his successful career (his ‘sweet and sour’ moments), but more importantly to use his insight to share with your audience the transferable secrets of what it takes to get to the top in the corporate world, how to  be more resilient, and recognising the importance of team over individual.

Leon Lloyd’s  book ‘Life After Sport – from Boot Room to Boardroom’ is an acclaimed read.

Leon is a big character. Larger than life in presence and in his delivery.

Simply put Leon Lloyd is one the most exciting recent additions to the speaker market.

Key messages

People and perceptions
Team work and the ability to still be an individual within a team
Dealing with setbacks / resilience – I have called this ‘Sweet and Sour’ to fully appreciate the sweet you must first have tasted the sour.
Leadership and adapting to the changes in environments
Success – how to plan and what to do when you achieve it