James Caan

One of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs


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James Caan is one  of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs

James Caan  is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, based in Mayfair, London. The company was founded in 2004 and specialises in buyouts, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investment in the UK.

James knew from a young age that he wanted to run his own business. His father was probably his biggest influence, owning a successful leather goods manufacturing business which he hoped James would one day take over. James decided not to pursue a career in the family business and instead followed his own path to become an entrepreneur. At sixteen he left school with no qualifications. Despite this, in the mid 1980′s, he began a successful career in recruitment. Just a few years later James founded Alexander Mann, a UK recruitment business which he successfully grew to £130m turnover with 30 offices worldwide. During the same period, he was keen to explore the international market and launched Humana International, a franchising model, establishing 147 offices in 30 countries. He subsequently sold both businesses in 1999.

In 2007, James was invited to join the panel of the highly popular BBC TV show Dragons’ Den. During his time on the show, he invested in a diverse range of businesses and as a result increased his profile in the media. James has always believed that the UK is an excellent platform for British entrepreneurs, and that advances in technology provide them with many more opportunities than when he started out. He is hugely passionate about the SME sector and understands the challenges they face at each stage of their lifecycle.


James Caan  is a keen supporter of many charities and set up The JCF in 2006 predominantly to help underprivileged children get access to education.

Entrepreneurship, education and equal opportunities are three key areas that James specifically supports. Initiatives like the Prince’s Trust and inspired are platforms through which James can influence and make a difference to young people in the UK. There are also a large number of charities that James endorses and provides strategic guidance to, where he can combine his business acumen with his philanthropic goals.

Key Topics

  • Motivating Staff
  • Growing your Business
  • Being an entrepreneur in a corporate culture
  • Investing in people
  • The power of mentorship
  • Failure as an ingredient to success

Additionally, James draws on his life experiences as an everyday entrepreneur and his journey to success to stimulate and inspire business people at all levels.