Dan Biddle

Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Survivor, Determination to succeed, Embracing change


Dan Biddle’s speech was truly inspiring and delivered with such emotion.
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Amongst the many everyday stories of hardship and survival, Dan Biddle’s account of surviving the events of 7/7 is a story that sets him apart from others. Stood just 2 feet away from the suicide bomber on the Paddington bound tube train, Dan Biddle recalls the pulling of the detonator cord and the immediate aftermath of the explosion that was to kill 6 people and seriously wound many more on that fateful day.

Dan Biddle’s account is one of the coincidences leading to him being in the wrong place on that day, the horrors of witnessing others die around him, and the 3 cardiac arrests, and 70 operations that he endured as a result of being the most injured survivor from the London wide bombings. Channel 5 subsequently ran a programme about Dan Biddle on The man who should be dead’ as part of its ‘Extraordinary People’ series.

For corporate audiences Dan Biddle’s tale of resilience and ongoing personal battles is an extraordinary account of personal determination and refocus, which has allowed him to manage a serious case of post traumatic stress disorder, and to deal with his ‘survivor guilt’.

Dan Biddle’s session identifies the steps necessary to overcome the odds, to reset personal focus and goals, and how he has become a successful and award winning business owner and advisor to others. He challenges others to push themselves beyond their comfort boundaries, and to overcome personal barriers in an honest, forthright but highly engaging style.

Dan Biddle  may no longer be able to get out of his wheelchair due to the loss of his legs on that unforgettable that day, but he will have your audience on their feet in admiration and respect for his story, his achievement and his inspiration.


Key messages include:

  • Equality and Diversity and the positive impact of embracing disability
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Adapting to life with a disability
  • Breaking barriers
  • The importance of excellent communication in business
  • Never give up attitude and the ways to become empowered by change
  • Embracing change
  • Dealing with trauma and guilt
  • Rebuilding a life from the bottom up
  • Learning to cope with a mental illness
  • Maintaining positivity
  • Detours on life’s journey
  • Maximising opportunity
  • Determination to succeed