Damian Hughes

Adviser to the business, education and sporting elite, specialising in the creation of high performing cultures


An evening with Damian Hughes was enlightening and energising. I came away buzzing with ideas and plans to improve my service to be the absolute best in our field. Reading the book was good but hearing him live was amazing.
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
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Professor Damian Hughes combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisation and change psychology to work as a trusted adviser to the business, education and sporting elite, specialising in the creation of high performing cultures.

Damian Hughes is the author of Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership, How to Change Absolutely Anything and How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson in addition to the three acclaimed sports biographies of Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler

Through working with leading sports teams such as Warrington Wolves and the Great Britain Rugby League team, the Liquid Thinking approach helps to ensure that the players and coaches are performing at their best from a mental perspective and that a culture which only accepts the highest of standards exists at all times.

Damian Hughes believes that we  can learn a lot from the world of sport, not only from the strong team ethos, which often exists, but also from the dedication, focus and discipline demonstrated by the athletes within it. Through working closely with many sporting professionals,Damian Hughes has been able to identify values, behaviours and techniques that are transferable to the world of business and ensure that these strongly feature in the Liquid Thinking approach to benefit the organisations that he works with.

Damian Hughes is available to speak at a range of events including staff conferences, leadership events, award ceremonies and team building days


Key topics include

Discover the Secrets to Surviving Change.

How to Become a Change Catalyst.

Become a Liquid Thinker – Change your thinking and make things happen.

Liquid Leaders  – Inspire and motive others to become great achievers.