Cy Edmondson

Overcoming Adversity and Driving Results Through People


CY has a wonderful sense of humor and a warm personality and  Immediately struck a chord with his audience. We were all left inspired, uplifted and  Determined to reach our full potential
Thomas Moore College
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In 1990, during a school leadership course, Cy fell ill with an unknown virus which attacked his spinal cord. After 3 months in a coma, Cy regained consciousness but had to learn to deal with the heavy burden of being disabled for the rest of his life. He had to re-learn to speak and had to come to terms that he will never walk again. During his stay in hospital, Cy developed a close relationship with his nurse, Wendy Lurie, and married her in 1994. They were informed that producing children would be a near miracle and probably not possible. Cy and Wendy’s son Joshua was born in April 1995.

Despite his disability Cy has continually given his energy to assisting individuals in steering their lives towards their own destinies, whether that be family, relationships, directing focus on their goals or making profound contributions to their organizations and communities.

During November 2000, Cy’s determination and courage was again portrayed when he took the challenge of “climbing” the Sentinel Peak in the Drakensburg, defying the “rules” of disability and making history.

Cy has achieved numerous achievement within organizations, including rolling out of large, successful projects and becoming leader of the year in a reputable medical health company.

From his life and business experiences has given organisations and their staff the tools to take them to another level of passion and focus to achieve, not just from a business level but also in a personal level.

Cy is comfortable delivering in Workshops, Conferences, Team Building sessions, Schools, Seminars, Lunches/Dinners. Creating a bespoke event experience for all organisational needs

Key messages:

Driving Results Through People
Getting back to Basics
Developing a Business Culture
Boxing Smarter