Cornelia Oosthuizen

An extraordinary human being with an incredible story of resilience, determination and positivity

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Cornelia is an extraordinary human being with an incredible story of resilience, determination and positivity. Her speech is informed, full of insight and acts as a true inspiration for others, a victory for resilience and determination over adversity and setbacks.

Beset with family challenges from a young age, she has used her experiences of life to build an impressive career in the Army rising to the rank of Major, before sustaining a life changing trauma – not on the field of conflict, but on a tennis court whilst representing the forces. Her injuries were such that she has faced the heart wrenching choice and decision to have her leg amputated in order to overcome the chronic pain disorder that she has suffered since early 2015.

Never one to be accept defeat, Cornelia was selected for the GB team in the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, winning a bronze medal in her preferred sport of tennis. She also achieved the unthinkable feat of winning the gold medal in golf just four months after taking up the sport – a true case of accelerated learning, and application of a positive mindset.

Cornelia’s story brings the audience through the lows of the traumas she has managed to the highs of her achievements, told in an honest reflection of her journey past and to what lies ahead. Cornelia is now an enterprising social entrepreneur and has her ambitions set on breaking into the world of elite Paralympic athletes as she strive for as place on the GB team for Tokyo 2020. What sets her apart, is her humility, her realistic assessment of the challenges she has ahead and her ability to communicate this as a series of messages to others to help them reset their own goals.

Cornelia is new to the speaking market but not new to handling what life has to throw at her!