Chris Wilkinson

Motivation, overcoming adversity and entrepreneurship


Chris Wilkinson was excellent.  He was a very engaging and  informative speaker and the topics covered were  highly interesting It was a great insight into Chris’s development and overcoming his dyslexia and Education, very inspirational and we have already asked him to speak again next year!
Senior Assistant Psychologist Lexxic Education
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Chris Wilkinson has a wide-ranging CV from a commercial pilot, to financial sales to setting up his own recruitment company. These achievements are born from a desire to overcome the challenges and difficulties of dyslexia.

Chris Wilkinson  is the founding director of Gifted Recruitment, a recruitment company based in Reading. The company also specialises in helping candidates with dyslexia from CV writing to interview skills, as well as working with the hiring company to advise them on the advantages that people with dyslexia can bring. People with dyslexia are gifted.

The company was set up after Chris Wilkinson was looking for a new career and found that recruitment companies didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to help people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Wanting to get away from the pressures of complex report writing at work, Chris embarked on his own adventure to set up a company to help others in his position.

Following years of struggling and leaving school with no qualifications, Chris was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at the age of 31. Despite having a reading and writing age of a 6 year old he gained a Private Pilot’s License and went on to become a qualified commercial pilot. Chris also enjoyed a successful career in finance, working for several top banks.

By learning to manage and deal with his dyslexia, Chris Wilkinson  took the next step in his career to set up his own company and help others like him.

Chris Wilkinson  is available for motivational, business, entrepreneurial and career talks. He specialises in advice and methods for dealing with dyslexia and overcoming this to achieve your ambition. His knowledge and experience is based on overcoming his own challenges and having a successful career.

Key messages are:

  • Motivation,
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Entrepreneurship