Chris Brindley

Winner of ‘Britain’s Best Boss’ is now sharing his secrets


Chris,  It was absolutely wonderful to have you with us yesterday.  Thank you for making the time to join us. Your session really has captured the imagination and I have continued to hear people talking about elements of the Metro approach today. I am very sure this is just the beginning of a great relationship with Waitrose and I am sure you will be hearing from other delegates personally today as well.
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Chris Brindley is a prominent UK Business Leader and until recently was MD of Metro Bank, which has changed the face of retail banking in the UK. He is a leading authority on Customer Experience, Leading Teams, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Sales Management particularly within organisations where change is on the agenda.

Chris Brindley  is a master of turning theory into action, as a skilled practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in retail banking latterly as the Managing Director for NatWest North of England & Scotland and was also Business Director and National Sales Director for British Gas.

Chris Brindley  was also recognized for leading teams through significant change management, which saw him become the winner of the much sought after “Britain’s Best Boss” Award.

Chris Brindley has now burst on to the speaker market as a fresh, dynamic, challenging and highly credible speaker. His vast experience and insight of changing cultures within large organisations, private, public and charity, sets him aside from others. Chris Brindley is unique, in that he is a master storyteller. His stories of success, outstanding performance and legacy, stimulate audiences into thinking differently about the road ahead. Chris Brindley also provides powerful, yet simple tools to create confidence and motivation for audiences to take immediate action with long lasting benefits.

After listening to Chris Brindley, delegates will leave your event feeling energized, empowered and with a new focus on what ‘outstanding’ really looks and feels like.

For Chris Brindley, results are important, but what is more important is the creation of a long term sustainable performance culture that will continue long after Chris has finished working with any organisation or individual. His mission statement captures it all: “Consistently Delivering Outstanding Results and Developing Winners in Life”

Recently, Chris has played a major part in establishing Metro Bank, not only as the first high Street Bank in 170 years, but growing the business significantly, through a unique culture amongst colleagues, inspiring them to deliver market leading customer experience with Net Promoter Scores regularly in excess of 80.

Key subject areas include:

  • Change Management
  • Coaching
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Engagement
  • What it takes to become a top class “Business Athlete”
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Management
  • Leadership
  • Delivering an amazing customer experience