Ben Nichols

Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur, founder of ‘So Smoothies’


“Ben Nichols  was brilliant, our girls were very keen on him and his story, plus his products tasted great too!”
Headmistress of Derby High Girl's School
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Ben Nichols  tells his story of how he used to make money at school and how those early learning shaped him as a person today. He talks through his less than normal route through the educational system and how it could have all been so different. Ben was kicked out of his sixth form but went on to turn his grades around at a community college and managed to bag himself an offer to study economics at the University of Sheffield.

Ben Nichols then went on to found his smoothie brand at age 17 and decided to postpone university in favour of running his own business. Ben discusses how he dealt with running his own company and how he grew his brand.

He discusses the challenges of dealing with the supermarkets and how his early experiences have set him up for his career in food and drink. Ben was recently offered an opportunity of a life time to work for Muller yogurts and it’s something he has always dreamt of doing.

Ben Nichols  is a confident, passionate young speaker who will inspire and engage audiences of all ages and fields. He didn’t fit the university mould and will tell you how he skipped the degree and went straight to a high flying job.

Topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self belief
  • Determination
  • Realising your goals
  • The journey is always more important than the end result
  • You can learn more from Failure than success
  • The importance of a positive mental attitude