Avril Grant

Self-Empowerment Performance Coach and passionate Business Woman


“The girls have blossomed in confidence in the group and have been much more receptive in school lessons. They have developed a good rapport with their teacher. has had a very positive impact on those students lives and shown them self-belief and how to develop positive relationships. As a school we have benefited highly as we have seen young women helped and guided positively in their personal development. The programme has allowed space for students who felt vulnerable to be understood and stretched emotionally to accept positive reinforcement about themselves and their potential. I would be very keen for this to be repeated at King’s with another cohort of students. The personal development of young people and developing a positive mind set is critical to success and this is what Avril Grant provides.”
The King's CE School
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Not many young mums would quit their job in the midst of the recession to help people realise their potential and visions or think to enter a prison and work with offenders to try and change the course of their lives, but Avril Grant has done that and with great success.

Avril Grant’s robust belief in the potential of all people and in the importance of self belief also has led her to work with school and community groups, the unemployed and even those well along in their careers who want to get greater satisfaction out of their working lives. Sharing her story inspires others to believe in themselves – to be brave and pluck up the courage to turn their dreams into reality. She believes it is vital for individuals to find their passion and pathway and it starts with a vision to succeed.

Born in Birmingham into a Caribbean background in a single parent family, Avril  went through the struggle of a broken community. However, she also had great luck in coming from a family that valued education and learning. She left sixth form to start university while working in accounts, but failed to finish her first year as Avril Grant became a young mum. Even more determined to succeed, she returned to education to gain an accountancy technician qualification and worked for several years in accounts. After no longer finding the work fulfilling and keen to do something that would be more purposeful and meaningful, she set up AVision for Empowerment a social enterprise that is the driving force for inspiring and motivating people towards achieving their career goals.

Avril Grant  is passionate about people and activating their potential. She speaks and inspires people from all walks of life towards positive sustainable change and has 7 years experience in delivering her inspirational workshops and accredited programmes to companies, schools and to the country’s hardest to reach audiences in 17 prisons across the UK. She devotes herself to making a difference to people’s lives and has helped many people achieve their career goals.

Avril has a strong belief that everyone can achieve success regardless of their past and that when you believe in yourself there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Key messages include:

Self empowerment

Igniting self-belief and passion

Innovation and creating a compelling vision

Finding purpose

Effective goal-setting

Overcoming adversity, embracing the journey of change