Angus Kennedy

Realising ones true strengths from what we think to be weaknesses; but actually are essential ingredients of success.


Angus  gave a stimulating and insightful talk to our A-level students on the ever changing and complex model of the chocolate industry. From marketing of new health trend bars to ethical dilemmas facing the industry stemming from child labour, the students left the talk amused, inspired and more knowledgeable.
Teacher of Economics and Business at Epsom College.
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Meet the most successful failure to live on the planet; Angus Kennedy, who today is Britain’s Chief Chocolate Taster.

He travels around the world, often with a television crew, and is paid to eat, test and talk about chocolate. But it hasn’t been plain sailing for him at all. So how do you land the job and career of your dreams when it all just seems so impossible? How do you overcome countless rejections, solitude and rise above being told you are a failure and a drop out? How do you make the right choices when all choices seem to be those you don’t want to take?

Angus has been there and failed at it all. He speaks passionately about realising ones true strengths from what we think to be weaknesses; but actually are essential ingredients of success.

Angus Kennedy is a TV personality and a celebrity in the U.S. and fast becoming one now in the UK. He appears in Channel 4, The BBC, ITV, Bloomberg, and more recently has been filming for a US celebrity interview channel with Talk to Aljazeera Television in Washington and New York for the Series America Tonight. He is featured in the national press as the Real Life Willy Wonka, has his own radio show and has possibly the best job on the planet. But it wasn’t plain sailing by any means.

Angus Kenndy was a classic drop out. He failed all his exams, bungled his degree and claims to have never passed a test or exam in his life. He talks inspiringly about bringing out the passion and self-belief that he taught himself over 25 years of hardships and let downs. Angus’ father died when he was 9 years old, his mother was an alcoholic (who also died too), he has been bankrupt and on the dole twice and genuinely wants to inspire people through the lessons he learned about life that are missing for people who wish to ‘really make it.’

“You don’t apply for the best jobs,” he says, “you create them!”

Angus Kennedy  has also written 8 novels to date, some published and some he says he doesn’t wish to publish until the ‘moment comes’. His novels to date are, Please God I Want To Win The Lottery, The Kitchen Baby, How To Make Money, 222 Good Reasons for Bad Things and others that he is working on. He is currently finishing three more: How To Become a Real Life Willy Wonka, Dinner With The Devil and Who Needs to Go To College Anyway? Angus has enjoyed Amazon best sellers and is passion is in writing and communicating an often much deeper message..

Angus Kennedy is now  available to speak at conferences, universities schools, dinners and organisations that wish to have an exclusive insight into the world of confectionery and chocolate and to learn more about the confectionery industry in general.

He can also talk about what it’s like to be a live (non fictitious!) Willy Wonka. It’s a fascinating journey of how he became to be Britain’s Chief Chocolate taster and Guru and his story inspires, business leaders, children and students all around the country.