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Round the World Yachtsman, and co author of Boat to Boardroom, Alex Alley has spoken at conferences and helped companies all over the world, from sales teams to the boardroom, from charities to some of the world’s biggest blue chip companies. His unique style keeps the audience captivated while instilling powerful lessons. Whatever the level of seniority, there is always learning to be had.

He cleverly brings to life the analogy between sailing and business and draws out the lessons from top level yacht racing – ‘we are literally all in the same boat, with a skipper/CEO in charge. We all have to cope with competition and when things don’t go to plan we still have to deal with it.’

Be inspired during an interactive workshop and learn about the ‘7 Racing Rules’ on how to win in business and in life, or sit back and listen to a truly inspirational story.

Alex Alley  talks candidly about living, and working, with the same team 24/7 for up to 8 weeks at a time through storms and life threatening conditions. How do you motivate a team when they are 1000 miles from civilisation, 3 crew down, one seriously injured, it’s freezing cold outside with huge waves pounding the boat day and night?

 But most importantly he makes it relevant to the workplace.

With powerful video footage it’s almost like being there on the boat with him and his team.

Alex has published two books on leadership and business.

Boat to Boardroom  – the inspirational story of racing round the world followed by business chapters using that story as  a case study of high performance in action

The 7 Racing Rules – seven winning tactics that can be used in business and everyday life

There is only one thing stopping you achieving your goals, that one thing is yourself. If you are determined enough
to succeed, then you will.

Let Alex unlock the potential!

What Alex will give you is…

  • An amazing story, fraught with danger, trauma, leadership and people management.
  • A vital, energetic and positive boost to your organisation.
  • An insight into the lessons learnt, and how they relate to business and personal life.
  • Comparisons between sailing and business.