Hugo Chittenden

“The Volunteer”  – Social awareness and volunteering, but also leadership, teamwork and performance


Hugo Chittenden  has embarked on a journey with the aim of changing the life of others – this first project shows his determination to make a difference for those orphans affected by HIV in Africa’s slums
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In March 2008 at the age of 31 Hugo Chittenden’s life was turned upside down by a life threatening illness which in turn led to him losing his job, filing for bankruptcy and losing his fiancée.

This turning point in Hugo’s life ignited a passion in him to lead expeditions with a team of volunteers to less developed countries. He has since become known as “The Volunteer”, raising awareness, support and education for causes around the world.

Hugo’s documentaries and volunteering projects have taken him to the slums of Kenya, rural Uganda, the devastation of Haiti and the Philippines following natural disasters, the refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Calais and the suburbs of Moscow with the homeless.

‘The Volunteer’ has now become a recognised brand and via his documentaries which include contributions from personalities such as Sir Richard Branson and James Blunt, Hugo aims to inspire people into the benefits of volunteering while also exposing the good work that UK charities are doing overseas often under difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Hugo has raised huge amounts of funding and awareness for a variety of UK charities through his projects and also his charity challenge expeditions, which have seen him climb Mount Kilimanjaro, cross the Sahara desert , cycle across Cuba and run a marathon in Siberia! Hugo’s projects and expeditions have taught him valuable lessons about teamwork, endurance, leadership and how to operate under great stress and danger.

Hugo speaks about social awareness and volunteering, but also about leadership, teamwork and performance.

He uses his experiences leading teams into disaster zones, working off budgets to finalize projects, and working under extreme and often dangerous conditions to illustrate his main speaking topics. This is accompanies by graphic video footage, a dynamic presentation and a book signing which illustrates his guide to volunteering overeseas.

Key messages:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Volunteering and Social Awareness