Jim McNeill

Extreme Explorer, Safety Consultant, Performance Coach and Writer


I cannot recommend involvement with Ice Warrior highly enough. This is an extremely professional, committed and driven organisation which has much to teach people about how to achieve their personal and business goals
Global Director Marketing Communications, Grant Thornton International Limited
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Jim McNeill is one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers and has clocked up over 30 years of expeditioning in the world’s most remote and harshest environments. Unlike most explorers he comes from a very humble background, being born and brought up on a council estate in north London and firmly believes that if he can achieve what he has done to date, then most people can, too.

Jim  is lucky enough to have clocked up over 30 years of polar expeditioning; thousands of miles mostly on skis and dragging his world him, which has given him a huge breadth and depth of experience in surviving and working in extreme environments. In 2001, he founded the “Ice Warrior Project” that gives “ordinary” people the chance to become polar explorers, achieving extraordinary feats of endurance for the betterment of humankind. His aim is to develop people, discover change and deliver it to global audiences in a way that engages others; fostering a better understanding of the world we live in.

Jim keynotes include:

  • Marketing
  • Getting the most from your sponsorship pound
  • When Marketing, HR and CSR overlap with new channels of sponsorship
  • Engaging your staff, your clients and your associates


  • What makes a perfect team?
  • Leadership in such pressured times – which style works best?
  • Retaining the best &  Recruitment
  • How can you tell what a person is like unless you get beyond the facade of everyday life?
  • How do you select people who you know are going to be suitable and perform?
  • What really makes a person perform?
  • How can you tell whether a person will perform with a CV and an interview?
  • Leadership