Dale Templar

Royal Geographical Society award winner,  Series Producer double BAFTA winning BBC Natural History series ‘Human Planet”, Travel Writer , Bear Grylls TV producer


Dale is a gifted communicator, capturing the amazing diversity of the world’s environments with stories and insights of how humans have learned to live in every habitat, adapting to the most inhospitable landscape. She inspired our audiences with personal stories of journalism, cinematography and documentary production.
Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
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Dale Templar is an extremely accomplished and entertaining public speaker ,judge and panel expert having completed hundreds of talk all around the world .

Prior to setting up her TV Production company One Tribe TV, Dale Templar spent 22 years working for BBC Television as a producer/director and series producer in factual programmes. She has specialised in filming abroad in extreme and often dangerous locations with both humans and wildlife. Her adventures have now taken her to over 60 countries and to all continents including Antarctica.

Dale Templar series produced “Human Planet”, the first ever landmark series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit based in Bristol, to focus on human beings.

Dale Templar  is also the co-author of the BBC “Human Planet” book.

Dale Templar  now runs her own TV production company “One Tribe TV”, and also works as a freelance senior producer and director, while also working as a professional speaker, film judge, travel writer, and lecturer.

At the BBC she worked in news, current affairs, science, documentaries, and the Natural History Unit in Bristol .

Since 2011 Dale Templar  has been working with Bear Grylls producing him on a number of TV series for ITV and Channel 4. In addition Dale has worked with numerous celebrities.  Apart from her passion to film in the great outdoors, Dale is a keen runner, cyclist, climber, scuba diver and skier.

Since leaving the BBC,  Dale Templar has been in considerable demand as a public speaker, lecturer and judge trained as an actress she adds a real sense of performance to all her public appearances. Her energy, enthusiasm and humour are combined with vast experience, knowledge and passion for her subjects. All her talks, lectures and presentations are adapted to the specialist needs of the audience, from after dinner talks or festivals aimed at the general public, filled with amusing anecdotes, to talks geared for specialists, including academic lectures for school and universities and corporate speaking for company events and conferences.

Dale Templar will always adapt her public speaking to match the audience requirements. Since 2011 she has been working as a special guest/celebrity speaker for both P&O and Cunard on cruise ships around the world

Talks available are:

Talk 1) “Human Planet” – The Production Secrets
Dale Templar tells amusing behind the scenes anecdotes and shows clips from the series, highlighting the trials and tribulations faced her crews while filming. Great for anyone with an interest in photography , film-making , the media as well as natural history and anthropology .

Talk 2) BBC “Human Planet” – Dangerous Places – Dangerous Animals
Made at the Natural History Unit in Bristol, Dale Templar  includes clips from the series filmed in 76 locations all around the world, A must for anyone who loves travel, wildlife, geography and wild locations!

Talk 3) Television Producer – Dale Templar presents BBC – ‘Human Planet” – The People
Dale Templar  has both a 45 min and 1 hour version of this excellent presentation. Entertaining , insightful and informative Dale Templar  shows  clips from the series and tells you some incredible behind the scenes stories from the filming of the series. A real eye opener for anyone fascinated by people ,cultures and places from around the world. 

Episodes : Arctic , Jungles, Oceans, Grasslands, River , Cities , Mountains , Deserts 

In this entertaining and informative presentation she moves away from “Human Planet” and tells stories about her close encounters filming with wild animals in wild places! 

Dale Templar  brings us a light hearted and affectionate talk, taking us through her exciting life, as a TV producer working with some of Britain’s best loved famous faces. She includes many heart warming and funny stories about her personal experiences ,taking us up-to-date producing TV action hero Bear Grylls..