December 2018

International Women’s Day – 8th March

With International Women’s day just around the corner, Inclusion and Diversity are major talking points for businesses now more than ever.
Becoming a truly diverse and inclusive company is not only the right thing to do, it is crucial to help grow your business, attract and retain staff and clients.
I wanted to share a few of our top speakers on Inclusion and Diversity.

Hayley Barnard - Expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership
Hayley is a prominent keynote [...]

Need help with a venue for your Event?

We all know that finding the perfect speaker is just one piece (all be it a very important piece) of the jigsaw when it comes to organising an event. Finding the perfect venue can be a long process, why not make it easier...
Inspirational Speakers has partnered with VenueScanner to help make your Jigsaw complete!
With 18,000 venues on its platform, VenueScanner is the leading platform to discover and book a venue for any event.
It aims to become the #1 online [...]

20 Stress Tips from Carole Spiers, Business Stress Consultant / Motivational Speaker

In 1988, Carole Spiers founded National Stress Awareness Day and to celebrate its 20th anniversary, established the first-ever International Stress Awareness Week in 2018.
Carole has shared with us her top 20 tips to combat stress.

Laugh: It’s one of the healthiest antidotes to stress.  When we laugh, even smile, flood flow to the brain is increased, endorphins [pain killing hormones that give us a sense of wellbeing], are released, and levels of stress hormones drop.
Socialise: Don’t be a loner.  Isolation [...]

November 2018

5 Keys to Personal Resilience – By Anna Hemmings, MBE, 6 x World Champion & Olympian

Resilience is a huge topic in the speaking industry. It is a capacity which helps people and organisations respond well to challenge, setbacks and even crisis.
The ability to 'bounce back', to recover and respond with commitment and optimism.
Anna Hemmings has given us her top tips to help with Personal Resilience for passing on...
1. Goal
- if your goal is clear your better able to handle challenges and setback; it will
give you the motivation to keep persevering in the face of adversity
2. [...]