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Vicky Bailey - Inspirational Speaker

Vicky Bailey is an experienced high energy, inspirational speaker well versed in presenting at conferences and executive briefings, giving delegates an opportunity to pause, reflect, reframe & invest in themselves.

Specialising in mental health and emotional wellbeing, as a qualified psychotherapist, coach and trainer, Vicky Bailey works within businesses, the sport sector, charities and with young people to support them to demystify this complex arena, growing their ability to be the best version of themselves.

Vicky Bailey has over 23 years' experience of public, private and company sectors regularly working with Chief Executives and Senior Managers, SME's and Schools, including working with elite athletes in their transition from sport into their post sport working lives.

Engaging, vibrant and passionate in her delivery listening to Vicky Bailey will engage and inspire you.

Vicky Bailey - Inspirational Speaker

Vicky Bailey - Inspirational Speaker

Vicky Bailey enjoyed an extremely successful career in sport as a coach, mentor and trainer working with a wide range of organisations, elite, professional and amateur athletes, as well as introducing children to 

A particular highlight of Vicky Bailey's career in sport came when she worked with Dame Kelly Homes and The Dame Kelly Homes Trust where she supported elite athletes as they transitioned from professional sport into retirement and, in all cases, new careers. The effect of Vicky Bailey’s work was profound and her role as a coach and mentor clearly empowered the elite athletes she worked with to transition into new lives and careers; in fact to become the people they wanted to become.

This work was, in turn, a catalyst for Vicky Bailey to also re-evaluate her life and career. Vicky Bailey decided to retrain as a psychotherapist. Vicky chose psychotherapy in particular because of its unique ability to enable her to develop a two-way conversational relationship with her clients. Vicky Bailey describes psychotherapy as a ‘talking therapy’. Vicky Bailey studied whilst continuing to run her company Delphinus tmc which specialises in coaching, mentoring and training businesses and business people to become the best version of themselves and achieve business success.

Since qualifying as a psychotherapist Vicky Bailey has also built up an extremely successful private practice (currently with a waiting list) specialising in children and young people’s mental health, as well as working with businesses and organisations helping them to understand the complex subject of mental health, stress and resilience with respect to their employees. In this guise Vicky Bailey regularly works with Chief Executives, Senior Managers, business owner/managers and charitable organisations.

Vicky Balley is an extremely engaging and vibrant speaker and panelist who has spoken at many events both large and small including conferences, exhibitions, conventions and executive briefings for organisations and companies including (and not limited to) The Institute of Directors (IoD), The NHS, Loughborough College, Experian, Vistage, DHL, City Care, Fisher German, Creative Tops, Chamber of Commerce and Chesham Preparatory School.

Vicky Bailey has also passed comment on as well as written numerous articles exploring big topical and often gritty issues including resilience, mental health, self-leadership, emotional intelligence and emotional well-being, managing change, stress and the workplace, and choice. These have been published locally, regionally and nationally in both the mainstream and industry press (titles include the Telegraph, Vistage magazine, Business Issues, Niche, Urban Fox and Credit Management).

Vicky Bailey has also taken part in live debates on Radio 4, the World Service and BBC Radio Nottingham.

Key Messages

  • We are all masters of our own game. When we feel, think and act at our best we perform well in whatever we are doing whether home or at work. Knowing how to manage and master this is the key
  •  How often do we notice, take time and give ourselves a chance to notice our own emotional health Our responsibility is to ourselves first and then those around us at work and home.
  • No one likes change, essential to our ability to manage change is knowing how we manage the “inner game”, building our resilience to work effectively under pressure and within the turbulence of change. By exploring our emotional responses and the impact of these on our behaviour, it will support you to identify strategies for bounce back in challenging situations and improve your resilience and ability to be the best version of yourself you want to be in any context.
  • Bringing clarity and confidence to your life will allow you to make the choices you want to make to enhance your life.

Vicky Bailey  Inspirational Speaker

Discover You was a really positive and uplifting day filled with wellbeing activities and motivational talks. Vicky was a perfect addition to our inspirational day. 

Vicky engaged the younger audience and was extremely relatable. Her talk was clear, concise and inspirational. It enabled the young people and families to think about the best version of themselves, giving them something to take away and think more deeply about at later points – a tool for life. 

Vicky’s talk was pitched completely perfectly for the group. It was such a positive day filled with many inspirational moments, and we would like to thank Vicky for being part of Discover You and look forward to working with her again in the future.

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“I just loved the energy and enthusiasm of the speaker. Reminded me of what is possible if I allow myself”

“The presentation was a fantastic start to the day and gave food for thought”

“I can now see things in a  different light and am much less hot-headed, which makes me a more effective Manager“

“Very motivating speaker”