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Lesley Everett is an International Keynote Speaker and thought-leader on personal branding and reputation management

Lesley Everett is a specialist on personal branding and creating the personality of the corporate brand. She is highly-rated as an international speaker, executive brand coach, and published author.

Lesley's solid insights and practical advice have taken her to audiences around the world and into the confidence of Fortune 100 executives, politicians and celebrities.

Global organizations on 5 continents use her professional expertise and executive brand programs.

Lesley Everett  believes that the most powerful element of your company brand today is what your clients actually say about your brand to their contacts. This client experience defines your brand and it is created by the interactions and behaviors of all your employees, from the executive team down. Her powerful sessions are focused on maximizing your brand investment by creating this very personality of the brand that is expected by all your stakeholders today.

She is the founder and creator of the well respected brand Walking TALL - a proven personal branding and personality of the brand methodology which has been delivered accross the globe. She regularly contirbutes to the media and has had over 200 articles in print in global publications

Lesley Everett was the President of the Global Speakers Federation 2014 . She is a fellow( CSP) of the Professional Speakers Association ( UK & Ireland) and served on the board for 9 years. She was among the first to receive the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence ( PSAE) in 2010 entering her into the celebrated Hall of Fame

Lesley Everett is an International Keynote Speaker and thought-leader on personal branding and reputation management

Lesley Everett is an International Keynote Speaker and thought-leader on personal branding and reputation management

Lesley Everett is an internationally acclaimed professional keynote speaker and expert on personal branding and perception management, and has presented in over 15 countries during the past 2 years, from the UAE to the USA. She is a regular contributor to UK and US media, is a published author and sought-after media personality/expert. Her clients include several FTSE 100 companies as well as Porsche Cars, Bank of America and GE. 

Lesley Everrett's style is engaging and inspiring, fun and interactive, pertinent and relevant. Lesley is often called upon to comment on people in the public eye on their personal brand and image. She has appeared many times on TV in the UK on GMTV, BBC News and Sky Business, and in the US she has featured on CNBC, CNN, CBS and Fox Business News. Lesley also has had over 100 articles published in print media around the world. 

Lesley Everett is the founder of Walking TALL International, with offices in Berkshire, UK and California, USA. She has created a methodology for Personal Branding that has inspired audiences for the past 10 years. Her materials are continually developed via the interactive research she carries out and is often quoted by other business professionals. She is a highly popular presenter and as such is often re-booked on multiple occasions by regular clients around the world. Her latest book was released by McGraw-Hill New York in September 2007: Drop Dead Brilliant - dazzle in the workplace with confidence and panache. She is a Board Member and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association in the UK and a Director on the Executive Council for the Federation of Professional Speakers. 

Key notes include

Communicating your Brand Me

This keynote or breakout is ideal for personal development and leadership conferences as it focuses on creating your uniqueness and personal brand for greater exposure, visibility and career progression.

It provides proven techniques for taking control of your career and positioning yourself for greater success and authentic impact with every interaction.

Target audience:  Graduates, Managers, Leaders, Talent

Lesley will cover:

Why a personal brand is vital for reaching career goals

 Creating the foundations of an authentic personal brand

How to build that brand consistently

Becoming well-known for what you are great at

 Creating personal impact with every interaction

 Developing a pragmatic and sustainable visibility & profile plan

 The elements of building a successful & memorable reputation

Style:  Content-rich, upbeat, fun, interaction and with a serious personal development and business message

The Personality of the Brand

This keynote is aimed at business leaders and addresses the question of how effectively your corporate brand is being projected via your leadership team and employees. Your company’s brand today is quite simply the perception your customers have of the brand from their experience with your people. This gets talked about. Are you maximising your brand investment or creating risk by diluting it severely?

Target audience:  Senior Executives and Business Leaders

Lesley will cover:

How the personality of the corporate brand impacts your bottom line

 Where some companies fall short and inadvertently create risk

 Corporate culture and people behaviours

 Leadership brands and their impact on the business

 Putting a strategy in place to address the brand engagement gaps

People brand and the tools to package yours

What do you personally as a leader want to be ‘famous’ for?

 Building trust and credibility

  Increasing visibility and profile authentically

  Creating a culture of authenticity, trust & respect from the top down

 Enhancing alignment of people behaviors with the corporate vision

Style:  Content-rich, thought-provoking, some interaction with an impactful business message

Lesley Everett is an International Keynote Speaker and thought-leader on personal branding and reputation management

'A big thank you for the presentation you gave at our recent Sales Conference at Wembley Stadium. We have received very positive feedback from the 230 attendees, who used words like 'refreshing' 'eye opening' 'it makes you think about the impact your appearance has on people.'

We are reviewing the way that we represent BT with our customers to ensure we maximise in the ways you suggested. Thank you Lesley.'

David Marsh, Head of Strategy and Communications, BT Business

'There are very few people who can talk authoritatively on Personal Branding and Lesley does it in an inspiring way.'

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Vice President HR, GE Consumer Finance, Europe

'The pitch and fit for our business could not have been better timed and delivered.'

Mark Colllings, Director - International Trade, Barclays Business Banking

'Lesley's blend of professional knowledge, style and energy quite simply exceeded our expectations. Without doubt the events which attract the biggest audiences are those that involve Lesley. Her cool way of presenting and absolute passion for her subject are truly transparent - a much valued gift for any presenter. That's why we book her again and again.'

Nigel Boyd-Thorpe
Managing Director, The Studio Birmingham

'The feedback has been brilliant and I would say the best ever for a female speaker. It takes a special kind of presenter in an audience - you have achieved this.'
Jennie Harnaman, Events Manager, Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

"My personal brand is hugely important to me and, in my opinion, should be the case for anyone in business. Lesley Everett is THE Personal Brand Expert. Lesley's experience in presenting this subject drives real results for both organisations and individuals. I would definitely recommend Lesley and her methodology to anyone who takes their corporate and personal brand seriously."

James Martin - Celebrity Chef & TV Presenter 

"In a tough economic climate, retaining focus on people development is critical. The way our people behave and project themselves, in line with the corporate brand, becomes incredibly important. The work that Walking TALL does for organisations on the subject of personal branding and development is, in my view, an essential element in retaining customer loyalty and the best staff." 

Judith Nelson, International Personnel Director, Tesco Stores Limited