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Kate Allatt - Proves IT IS POSSIBLE

Kate Allatt astonishingly survived and thrived after a brainstem stroke at 39 years of age, with a Locked In Syndrome diagnosis. She is an internationally published author 'Running Free – Breaking out of locked in syndrome'https://www.amazon.co.uk/Running-Free-Breaking-Loc... and an inspirational  & motivational speaker. Founder and CEO of global advocacy charity Fighting Strokes. She is Co-Collaborator researcher at the University of Nottingham. She passionately believes that no one should lower your expectations, you don't only live once but  only die once and that there are no promises, just possibilities in life!

She passionately believes in delivering practical conference, keynote speeches or workshops that empower patients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to better self-manage their chronic long term conditions. This 'person-centred' supported self-management will help the NHS realise their Five Year Forward View vision.

Kate was awarded the "Extraordinary Woman of the Year" in 2011 for her amazing recovery.

Kate was a NHS user, engagement consultant, mental health coach, mentor, proven keynote, after dinner, motivational & schools speaker. She appeals to the NHS, Case Managers, Rehabilitation Lawyers, Head Teachers,  large corporates & pharma companies

Kate Allatt can speak to audiences on the following topics:

•    Don't lower your expectations! (Health, business, head teachers)
•    Think it. Dream It. Work it. DO IT! (Large corporates, sales teams, annual conferences)
•    How to improve patient experience (NHS primary & acute sectors)
•    Illness & wellbeing is inextricably linked (NHS primary & acute sectors)
•    Making self-management happen (NHS primary & acute sectors)
•    How to avoid stroke clinical negligence (Lawyers and Case Managers)
•    Improving the assessment process (Lawyers & Case Managers)

Book Kate Allatt - She has no promises just possibilities - be inspired by what can be achieved if you really want it.

Kate Allatt

Mum of three and wife Kate Allatt, now 45, was diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome”, after suffering a severe stroke leaving her completely paralysed and unable to communicate. Against all odds and to doctors’ amazement, she managed to regain speech and mobility in less than a year. She simply refused to lower her expectations of outcome improvement. Since then, Kate has been committed to help people in similar situations, as well as the medical community to develop innovations to help similar stroke survivors. Kate thinks self-belief, effort and her stroke of luck are the keys to her rehabilitation success.  You will be captivated by her speech.

She was recognised by The Queen in 2014 for her global patient advocacy charity work with her charity - Fighting Strokes - which has helped enhance the outcomes/lives of hundreds of people globally over 5 years affected by locked in syndrome. She founded her charity just three months after leaving hospital. She is an executive producer of the “No promises, just possibilities” TV documentary. 

She pioneered two pieces of current research - electrical stimulation & peer mentoring with The University of Nottingham. She is also currently in discussions with the BBC to dramatise her true story

Kate Allatt - A truly amazing person

It was the best talk of the day for me. So inspiring and so honestly delivered. Such a powerful message for all rehab professionals to take home and remember regarding the importance of expectations and also communication. I am sure I will think of you often when working with my clients in the future. And a book order will be placed shortly too. Thanks for such an inspiring session!
Victoria Mandrell, Occupational Psychologist and Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Bush & Company Rehabilitation

Kate Allatt you were amazing. Funny, captivating, entertaining and inspirational all at the same time!
Victoria Morrison-Hughes
Practice Manager, Manchester, Burcher Jennings Costs, Legal Pricing, Burcher Jennings

I first met Kate 2 years ago when she was keynote speaker at the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses conference (BANN), in Birmingham 2013.
Kate was inspirational, it was the first time I had heard Kate speak and I was so moved by the emotional outpouring of grief and loss; yet determination and strength was evident in every spoken word. Being a survivor of brain stem stroke and to come through with such determination for life, was evident and a testament to Kate’s character.
The experience of listening to Kate is to truly understand the meaning of the ‘Patient Experience’.
I needed more people to hear what Kate had to say, be mindful of the experiences and how these can shape our lives and the way we think.
At this Autumn BANN conference in Bristol, it was with real joy that Kate agreed to be my keynote speaker. As anticipated, many of the audience were left in tears with the story Kate had to tell, absorbing the narrative that has shaped Kate’s new drive to educate her audience and open our eyes to the patient and their understandings.
Mandy Freeman, Clinical Tutor, Neurosciences Directorate, North Bristol NHS Trust

Kate Allatt is an outstanding speaker with an extraordinary story, delivered with passion, humour and great warmth. She gives very careful thought to her audience and their needs, tailoring what she says in a way that brings out the best in any audience. Every time I have met her I have been incredibly impressed.
Vivien Parry, Author & Broadcaster

Kate’s presentation inspired a sense of optimism and hope to all in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. The standing ovation was deserved.
David McLean, Managing Director, CPD Sessions