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Julie Creffield Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Julie Creffield is an Inspiration to everyone who believes they cannot achieve something due to ........

Julie  is a plus size athlete, author and entrepreneur from Stratford, East London who is on a mission to get 1 million overweight and inactive women running.

In 2005 she joked that if London were awarded the Olympic Games she would run the Marathon in 2012, of course it was and she kept her word despite at the time being a size 22 and unable to run for even 30 seconds.

Since then she has competed in hundreds of races, including 2 further marathons and Tough Mudder billed as the toughest obstacle course on the planet.

Through her blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running she inspires thousands of women from all over the world via her 'Too Fat to Run' campaign which challenges perceptions about health for larger ladies, moving the conversation away from its focus on weight loss and instead towards activity and wellbeing.


Current Projects:

·        Julie is an ambassador for Race for Life, and is currently supporting women training for the UKs first women only marathon and half marathon which takes place in October.

·        Julie works as a consultant with England Athletics helping to improve the offer for female runners via the #ThisGirlCan campaign

Julie Creffield Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Julie Creffield is an Inspiration to everyone who believes they cannot achieve something due to ........

Julie is not your typical runner because she says she is FAT; however she doesn’t get hung up on labels and insists that the idea of there being just one type of runner is ludicrous – If you run…you are a runner SIMPLE!

In 2003 weighing almost 20 stone a work colleague convinced Julie to take part in a 3k fun run and with absolutely no training she almost died on the way round, and not only due to the unusual strain on her body, but also from pure embarrassment when a young boy shouted “Run Fatty Run” as she passed him.

She was in her early twenties and unable to run for more than 30 seconds at a time. That shocked her into taking action and regaining control of her life. The following day she signed up for the London Triathlon, which she completed just 3 month later in a XL wetsuit that just about fitted her size 18 body. She did nothing more than dabble in sport for those first 6 years making very little progress in terms of weight loss or general fitness as she would simply compete in races, but never do any real training. Her inconsistent diet and partying lifestyle didn’t help much either.

All of that changed when she buckled down joined a running club and signed up for her first marathon

Running has taught her so much about the capabilities of her body and the strength and weaknesses of mind, but there are so many barriers for FAT women wanting to enjoy this sport and this is something that must change.

Obesity is a huge concern around the world, but inactivity is the big killer of our time. Many people simply think that running is something that FAT women can’t or shouldn’t do at all, including some medical professionals and Julie is on a mission to prove otherwise.

During her training for the London marathon in 2012, she was told by a GP – at a routine appointment for a pulled muscle – that she was just too fat for it. “‘tell me about your weight?' he asked and she knew where this was going, "'The problem is you are just too unfit to run this marathon' he continued." And rather than letting this negativity hold her back, Julie turned around and ran the marathon three weeks later.

As long as you learn to listen to your body and build up slowly there is no reason that anybody of any size shouldn’t enjoy the sport of running.

Julie is best known for her humorous writing about the issues facing plus sized runners and is the brains behind the successful blog www.toofattorun.co.uk where she supports plus sized runners from across the world, but she is also a freelance journalist and short story writer too.

I come across many speakers in the "speaker circuit" but Julie was an instant winner! She's down to earth, says it like it is and has a real passion for the 'F' word! I would have no hesitation to recommend her as a motivational speaker. Stella Fehmi, Regional Director of The Athena Network

We need more people like you who are making a real difference on the ground, not just people who produce more reports and consultations Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, GB Paralympian

Julie’s light hearted approach to various situations that she has experienced was refreshing and uplifting and it gave our staff a sense of renewed responsibility for their health and well being, and that of colleagues. Sonia Crozier, Deputy Director National Probation Service

Great talk from Julie at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, she is an entertaining, inspiring and hugely approachable character who had us on our feet within minutes. Kim Talbot, Leadership Development Swansea University

Julie’s passion and engagement is very contagious. Since September I'm 3 stones lighter, changed my lifestyle and I now jog 3 times a week. Ewa Ambrosius, Design Engineer at Thomasons

We weren’t offered a mountain to climb, we were just given the inspiration to go for our own personal goals in a really positive way and to be excited about that journey. Isla Baliszewska, business Coach

Julie’s a great motivator who understands her audience and facilitates a supportive, nurturing environment.? Deborah Ramshaw, Head of Procurement at Bond Dickenson

You have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough, you believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Francesca Kennedy, ITV’s ‘Run for your life’ Participant

We are facing a fitness and weight crisis in the UK. Yours is such an upbeat and approachable idea for running that it cannot fail to strike a chord with the public. Rob Walker, Sports Commentator

Julie gave such a great speech, thoughtful, thought provoking and motivational and she delivered it brilliantly with a well deserved standing ovation at the end. Esther Thompson, founder of Tea Huggers