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John Sullivan Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

John Sullivan joined the Royal Marines at the age of 16, travelling across the world in pursuit of adventure. After leaving the forces he started a company specialising in extreme survival training, working in some of the most inaccessible corners of the globe.

John Sullivan has been an expedition leader for several conservation projects leading gap year students in the jungles of Belize and Borneo and has set up numerous prime time programs for the BBC and the National Geographic Channel. These have seen him living successfully with different cultures including a former cannibal tribe in the Papua New Guinea jungle and the Nomadic peoples of the Sahara Desert.  John Sullivan will make you realise anything is possible.

John Sullivan Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

John Sullivan a former Royal Marines Commando of nine years experience, John Sullivan has operated in some of the world’s most challenging Jungle, Desert and Arctic environments. He began his survival training career by teaching basic skills to young adults with learning and behavioural difficulties, later leading school and college groups on life-changing expeditions to Namibia, Belize and Borneo.

John Sullivan moved on to freelance consultancy, using his first hand knowledge and a rare network of in-country contacts to advise media organisations and expedition
leaders on how best to experience the cultures and natural environments of the countries they wished to explore.

John Sullivan became an invaluable adviser to countless expeditions and was selected by the BBC to make all in-country arrangements for their programmes 'Last Man
Standing' and 'Extreme Dreams', and by Channel 5 for their programme 'Unbreakables'.

More recently John Sullivan set up from scratch the documentary 'Eating with Cannibals' for the National Geographic Channel filmed in Papua New Guinea.
John's media work continues with projects currently in preparation. His remaining time is spent in the UK passing on his enthusiasm for the natural world, and
his insight into surviving in its wildest regions.

Key messages !
• Inspirational
• Leadership
• Motivational
• Overcoming Adversity
• Teamwork
• Environment
• Sustainability
• Motivation and goal setting
• Determination and perseverance
• Risk-taking
• Teamwork and communication
• Remote working
• Psychology of expeditions and solo
• Embracing failure and dealing with setbacks
• Decision making under pressure
• Courage to be yourself and follow your own path

'John, with his 'Feed the Rat' theme and stories of exploration, adventure and overcoming challenge creates an impressively realistic picture of how a can-do approach to life can over come tremendous cultural and physical barriers to deliver results in the most austere of locations.

Highly recommended that's full of energy, interest and one which serves to highlight what can be achieved when one applies positive energy and detailed planning'.

Mark Hannaford FRGS FRSA, Founder of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

With the excellent help and support of Helen Williams, we secured John Sullivan as Guest Speaker for our Annual Senior Speech and Prize-giving ceremony and would like to offer our grateful thanks and appreciation to him.  His speech, and the stories he shared with us, were humorous, inspiring and thought provoking receiving excellent feedback from parents, staff and pupils.    He pitched his talk accurately to students from the age of 11 through to 18, as well as our staff, governing body, parents and guests.   Not everyone brings a machete on stage as a prop for one part of the talk, discusses cannibalism and jungle survival skills and then later speaks about ballroom dancing!  Wonderful.

At the end of each Speech Day, I am always asked “how I am going to top that” for next year’s event.  I would wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone looking for an entertaining as well as inspiring guest speaker.

Chetwynde School November 2014

John Sullivan  was amazing! Brilliant evening. A very nice guy and great speech. Also spent a huge amount of time with parents and students. He was here long after they left. Hopefully we will work with him again. Amazing feedback from all.
Wymondon school 15th july

John Sullivan and his experiences were both entertaining and extremely interesting.
Highly recommended; something you are likely not to see/hear again." !
Dr Helen Clegg
Senior Lecturer
Division of Psychology
The University of Northampton

“An inspirational talk from a jungle explorer John Sullivan. The best that I have witnessed in
over 30 years of teaching”
Teacher, Brislington Enterprise College.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to John Sullivan who came to our school to deliver a speech at our awards evening for Year 9. He did a fantastic job, his speech was an excellent balance of motivation humour and inspiration. He kept us all gripped for 20mins. Many of our 300 guests have spoken to or contacted me since to say that he was the best speaker we have had in many years. 

Caroline Bradshaw, Assistant Headteacher, Gartree High School

Feed your rat. This was John Sullivan’s message to year 12. His encouragement to “make time in your life to explore and experience the things that really interest you, and enjoy those moments to the full” was well received by an enrapt audience.
His enthralling description of his life as an explorer and adventurer, travelling to remote and unexplored parts of the world and living with a tribe of cannibals, inspired the sixth
form students and gave them the opportunity to practise a jungle chant and learn about the survival skills needed in remote areas of the world. The world of “I’m a Celebrity...”suddenly seemed very tame and unexciting.
Mrs Anne Brown
General Studies Co-ordinator Bedford School

"The presentation was truly inspiring; our students really enjoyed listening to John's experiences in the Royal Marines and his role working for TV companies in the jungle that they
realised they could be just like him. By working hard, broadening their horizons, learning new skills and believing in themselves they too could achieve anything they put their heart
into. An inspiring day that left an enduring impression - fantastic."
Adrian Barber, Project Manager, Bigger Picture Arts