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Adam Walker - Inspirational Speaker

Adam Walker – Inspirational Speaker, Record Breaker, Extreme Open Water Swimmer, Host, Author

Adam Walker, ex appliance sales man, author of Man vs Ocean and the first British Person to swim the 7 toughest most deadly ocean swims in the world! He has been chased by sharks, stung by deadly Portuguese man o war, swam with one arm for 6.5 hours and completed all 7 channel swims on his first attempt.

Adam Walker has delivered his inspirational story all over the world, his talks are mind blowing and show what is possible if you put your mind to it!

Adam Walker is known as 

1st Brit to swim the toughest 7 oceans in the World!

Being protected by Dolphins in the Cook Strait

Author – Man Vs Ocean

Clarins For Men - GetSkinFit Global

Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) - ambassador of open water swimming

Patron of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

His ground-breaking injury preventative Ocean Walker swim stroke technique

Key messages


Never Give Up

Goal Setting

Not Fearing Failure

Growth Mindset

The Power of the Mind

Health and Fitness

Adam Walker – Inspirational Speaker, Record Breaker, Extreme Open Water Swimmer, Host, Author

Adam Walker  Inspirational Speaker

Adam Walker – Inspirational Speaker, Record Breaker, Extreme Open Water Swimmer, Host, Author

From National Salesman for a major blue-chip company to extreme endurance open water swimmer, Adam Walker took on the biggest challenge of his life and succeeded in completing each crossing on first attempt! Adam was the 5th person in the World to complete this feat and 2nd to do so on first attempt.

A ruptured bicep tendon threatened to end Adam Walker's swimming dreams following his English Channel swim. Surgeons advised him against any more long distance swims.

Instead of accepting the recommendation from his surgeon, Adams passion for his dream and his will to succeed lead him onto creating a stroke technique The Ocean Walker technique™ that allowed him to take on the Gibraltar Strait. Not only did he beat the British record one way (from Spain to Morocco), but he swam back to Spain.

The rest is history. 

Find out the methods Adam Walker  used when faced with being stung by a deadly Portuguese Man O War, when he was swimming alongside Sharks and battling the toughest currents, huge swells, coldest temperatures and forces of nature you could imagine over his seven year journey of the Oceans Seven. What kept him going and how can you apply this to your own goals.

Adam Walker was famously surrounded and potentially rescued by a pod of Dolphins across the Cook Straight from a shark, the YouTube video went viral overnight with over 5 million hits to date catapulting him into the public eye. This amazing encounter lead onto the filming of a documentary on Dolphin Intelligence called ‘Conversations with Dolphins’ aired late 2016 in France and Canada, where Adam took another step towards his dreams by being the host of the show.

Following his 6th channel swim, Adam Walker became a household name in the fast growing sport of open water swimming and the interest in his stroke technique was growing rapidly.  In 2014, Adam Walker set up Ocean Walker Ltd, taking his incredible injury preventative swim stroke technique worldwide.

On completing his 7th Channel crossing (the coldest of them all, Ireland to Scotland) and the Oceans 7 challenge in August 2014, Adam Walker  has continued to promote the sport of open water swimming in his coaching and safety by becoming an ambassador for the Royal Life Saving Society. He is a keen conservationist as a member of the Global Commons and patron of Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Adam Walker motivates with inspirational talks worldwide about his story, about overcoming obstacles, whether this be in your daily routine, work or your own personal goals. From schools and universities, to groups and businesses including the Royal Geographical Society, Business and Climate Change Conference, One Young World Summit and major financial investment companies. Adam Walker captivates his audience with his energetic and positive manner along with amazing footage from his swims leaving you buzzing and energised.

Key messages


Never Give Up

Goal Setting

Not Fearing Failure

Growth Mindset

The Power of the Mind

Health and Fitness

Adam Walker – Inspirational Speaker, Record Breaker, Extreme Open Water Swimmer, Host, Author

"TSYS used Adam Walker at a business-wide event as our guest speaker to discuss "making extraordinary things happen".  He was open, engaging, down to earth and the audience not only related to him as a person; but, also as someone who committed himself to his passion with patience, perseverance and determination.  His was a big hit (as he is on YouTube) and TSYS ended up sponsoring him following his speaking engagement with our team members.  He struck the right balance of humility, energy, focus and out team came away feeling better about "what's possible" if you put your mind (and body) to it."

Kelly C. Knutson (Executive Vice President) – TYSY International

“Thank you so much for coming to speak on Thursday. The presentation was fantastic and I have had so many comments on how interesting it was.”

Leonora Stevens - RAC Club, London

Adam Walker skyped with our 5th graders about physical fitness. Our students were enthralled learning about his distance swimming. It was very engaging and our students learned a lot!”

Clint Winter – Clarke County School, USA

 Adam Walker visited Hartford Church of England High School on Monday 26th January 2015; he gave his presentation to the whole of our Year 8 cohort.  They were mesmerised. On so many levels Adam was engaging.  The basic narrative of what he has achieved is simply inspirational but when you add this to his engaging manner and sheer enthusiasm to share his story his achievement is even better.  Our students and staff have made so many positive comments about Adam and his story that we clearly made the right decision to invite him in.  You can rest assured that we will be inviting him back to speak to other students.  I suggest you do the same!

Mike Holland (Head Teacher) – Hartford Church of England High School, Cheshire

"We booked Adam Walker  to speak at our annual conference for our 50 Turtle Tots licensees. We are a baby swimming business and wanted a speaker who was motivational, inspirational and relevant - so Adam fitted the bill perfectly! His talk was fascinating, interesting and witty, and the feedback from our licensees was very positive. We would definitely recommend Adam."

Caroline Sparks (Co-Founder) – Turtle Tots

“There are many ways to motivate people, but one of the most inspiring is to discover ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From appliance salesman to swimming oceans, Adam Walker's incredible story captures an audience in a way hardened professional coaches and trainers could only dream of.

As someone who considers himself extremely committed and dedicated, I was still in awe of Adams discipline and mentality that simply refused to give up. No matter what your level, or what your event, if you are looking to provide living proof that anything is possible, spend some time in the company of Adam Walker.”

Mike Cole (Group MD) – Imagine Group

“To say I was pleased that Adam Walker kindly agreed to be guest speaker at the Alnwick & District Annual Sports Awards ceremony held at Alnwick Playhouse in Feb 2017 would be an understatement.

I was over the moon - both as a fan of Adam and as an open water swimmer myself.

It was a real delight to listen to Adams swimming stories & wildlife encounters.

His talk was interesting & fun, charismatic, upbeat & motivational and the whole audience was captivated, not just the swimming community.

We had lots of feedback and all was positive so I would highly recommend as an after dinner speaker” 

Jane Hardy (Secretary) - Alnwick & District Sports Council

Adam Walker  has been to speak at Manor High School on a number of occasions.   His stories are inspirational for both staff and students. His desire to succeed and achieve his goal is infectious.  The ethos of Manor High is centred around our core values of excellence, inspiration, care and respect. Adam was able to promote these through his stories.  Adam created a real buzz around the school and helped students to realise that they should never give up on their dreams.  We reinforce this with students every day.  They remember Adam’s visits which have helped to support the high aspirations we have for students.  We will use him again.”

Simon Greiff (Deputy Headteacher) - Manor High School , Oadby, Leicester

“The Independent School Association were delighted to welcome open water swimmer Adam Walker to our 2016 PE Conference at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Adam very kindly offered to be the closing speaker after two gruelling days of professional development so his task of entertaining wasn't going to be easy!

His story was simply amazing and the way he delivered his presentation kept the whole audience engaged throughout. Many delegates left the conference determined to motivate their children to work hard to achieve their goals and push boundaries to better each other.

His message was positively received and we would thoroughly recommend Adam as a speaker at an event.”

Richard Stedeford (ISA National Sports Coordinator) – ISA

Adam Walker brought his remarkable story to our school through an interactive and engaging assembly which inspired our children.  Adam brings a message of dedication and a winning mentality, to never give up as you set goals along the way to achieving a dream.  Our children have been talking non-stop about never giving up and were equally captured with Adam’s passion for conservation.  In addition our female staff thought Adam was a stud.”

Sam Magee – St Peter at Gowts Primary School, Lincoln