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Jim Lawless is one of the most inspirational and highly sought-after business speakers in Europe. He is the only authority on change and personal development to have put his life on the line to prove his theories.

Jim  Lawless is one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers. Over half a million people on five continents have been inspired by a Taming Tigers presentation and countless thousands more by Jim’s book “Taming Tigers”. You are in highly experienced hands when you book Jim Lawless.

Jim Lawless  is the only speaker to have risked his life to prove that his theories deliver solid results. In 2003 he transformed himself from non-riding, unfit consultant to jockey in 12 months. In 2010 he broke the British freediving depth record, becoming the first Briton to pass the magic 100m barrier.

Clients are delighted by the energy, inspiration and humour Jim Lawless brings to their event, his ability to tie into their themes and the longevity of the change he inspires in their people.

Delegates are inspired by the fact that Jim Lawless proven his theories, that he’s “just an ordinary bloke” and by his belief in their ability to shine and win and the practical lessons he leaves to show them how to do just that.

Jim Lawless  Motivational speaker

Jim Lawless   : Do Things You Never Thought You Could Do.

Jim Lawless is one of Europe's leading motivational speakers and is the only authority on Change and Personal Development to have put his life on the line to prove his theories.

Jim Lawless is the author of the best-selling book 'Taming Tigers', the antidote to self-help and a highly practical approach to overcoming fear and doing things you never thought you could do. It's also a searingly honest and inspiring account of the year he became a jockey.

Jim started his career as a city lawyer before founding the cultural change consultancy Optimise (now The Velocity Corporation) in the 1990’s. As CEO of The Velocity Corporation, Jim has advised companies globally on creating organisational Cultural Change and elite teams. With his team, has implemented successful change programmes in companies including Apple, Barclaycard, Atos, Axa, BT, Aramark, Skrill Group and Badminton England.

Whilst speaking at a conference in 2003, an audience member bet Jim £1 that he could not prove the power of his 'Ten Rules for Taming Tigers' by becoming a jockey and riding in his first televised race within 12 months. It was a good challenge, as Jim was 3 stone too heavy to be a jockey and couldn't ride a horse.

At 36 years old, how do you go from an 11½ stone non-riding smoker in a suit, to a 9½ stone jockey sharing a weighing room with Frankie Dettori and making an impact on one of the world’s most dangerous sports?

Working with the 'Ten Rules' as his guide, Jim Lawless took delivery of his £1 winnings on 22nd November 2004 on returning to unsaddle from the 12.00 at Southwell.

In August 2010, to test new Taming Tigers theories around mental toughness, Jim Lawless became Britain’s Deepest Freediver - the first Briton to dive below the 100m barrier on a single breath of air.

Jim Lawless Motivational Speaker:

Jim Lawless is one of the country's leading motivational speakers. He delivers presentations to teams and individuals from some of the world's leading companies.

Jim Lawless Taming Tigers Motivational Speaker His keynote speeches inspire action, provide insight into change and deliver solid practical routes to achieving peak performance. His presentations are infused with personal experience, anecdotes and pictures from the colourful, fast and dangerous world of horse racing coupled with his '10 Rules for Taming Tigers'.

Peak Performance, Leadership, Communication & Change are some of the most important topics Jim focuses on. Delivered with Energy and Humour, Jim's presentations inspire any audience because he talks common sense and explores how simple changes in mindsets and behaviours can influence our chances of success.

Jim Lawless provides his audiences a new set of possibilities and responsibilities. He helps change their ideas about what they can achieve and leaves them excited about making a difference.

He has great credibility with audiences having not only achieved his sporting goal, but also having worked at board level in business and sales and as a current advisor to many major UK and international companies.

Jim delivers keynote presentations to improve:

    Inspiration and Motivation
    Change Management
    Inspirational Leadership in Tough Times
    Personal Leadership and Accountability
    Teamwork and Change

The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers presentation is perfect for teams needing a boost of self belief, a surge of energy, a new burst of creative ideas or to assist any leader to generate energy and enthusiasm in the team for the tasks in hand.

Jim delivers the ten practical and powerful rules complete with highly usable tips, all proven in many businesses and in Jim’s own journey from non-rider to licensed jockey in twelve months.

Other Jim Lawless speech titles include:

    Taming the Communication Tiger
    Taming the Change Tiger
    Taming the Leadership Tiger.
    Taming the Sales Tiger.
    Half Day and Full Day Taming Tiger Workshops are also available.



To book Jim Lawless or request further information, please contact Helen on 01245 328303,

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"I have worked with Jim  Lawless on stage at three high-profile Barclaycard leaders' conferences. Not only is he engaging, challenging, inspiring and very funny but he delivers a practical, compelling model for achieving results which he has risked his life on the racecourse to prove."
Gary Hoffman, Group Vice Chairman, Barclays Bank plc.

"This was a very important event for my department. Your challenging and inspiring presentation and professional (but hilarious) hosting made the day for us. One of the delegates went straight back and ran a 'Taming Tigers' training session for his own team! No racehorses where involved, thank heavens for Jim Lawless. "
Ian Dyson, Finance Director, Marks and Spencer plc

"After hearing Jim's speech, I was truly inspired and started immediately to incorporate the principles learned on how to approach my work, family, and social activities. After 12 months, I have to say that it has changed my life. I have done things I wouldn't have otherwise and most importantly accomplished things that I thought were well beyond my abilities. Everyone should hear Jim’s story and "Taming Tigers" principles. He delivers them in such a fun way! "
Jack Bush, Director, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Intelligence, ALCON Laboratories INC.

"Jim Lawless related Taming the Tiger to our current situation – an organisation going through massive change – with wit, enthusiasm and challenge. "
Isabel Nisbet, Acting Chief Executive, Ofqual

"His key themes of leadership, change and teamwork were delivered in a powerful yet fun way, but most importantly he gave us the tools to go back to our businesses and make a difference immediately. Everything great looks impossible at first - you just have to tame some tigers"
Frank van de Ven, Vice President EMEA, Life Fitness (SSC) BV

"We were looking for something to motivate and energise our sales force in this challenging environment, and we had high expectations of Taming Tigers. The results were fantastic, feedback from a Questionnaire to 140 salespeople, Taming Tigers scored 75% of the audience rating the session as outstanding and 24% rating it as Excellent.
These are the best scores we have ever seen either for an external or an internal speaker. The benefits are already visible just weeks after the conference. "
Nick Frazer, General Manager Business Marketing, Business Information, Experian

"Jim is great at showing two things. One, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Two, the key to delivering this is to ‘act now’ on the difficult but necessary tasks. He does this in an entertaining and engaging manner".
Rob Fleming, Market Strategy and Planning Manager, Procter and Gamble.

"…. A big thanks to Jim Lawless , he reminded me of our own power and of who we really are. "
Wouter Murrath, Captaris.

"His sessions were fantastic: funny, energetic, inspiring and real. "
Lisa Munford Talent Management - Senior Specialist , UK HR Talent Team, E.ON – UK.

"If you want motivation combined with great entertainment value you are on a winner with Jim Lawless. He is an odds on favourite to not only leave you inspired but also chuckling with laughter. "
Geoff Loader, Director of Communications, Southern Water



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