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Welcome Robin Launder

21 Apr 2017

Robin Launder is a motivating, humorous and fast-paced speaker. His presentations take forward his life-long work of helping people be the best they can be. Robin's background is mental health, education and the Prison Service – a background from which he borrows heavily to make the point that we are all capable of remarkable things, regardless of our starting position in life. 

However, Robin Launder's sessions are much more than a simple 'you can do it' message. He will also show you how it's done: how to unlock your potential, achieve your goals and, along the way, enjoy the journey. The fundamentals of success, he says, are always the same and those fundamentals – whatever the naysayers might say – are learnable. 

Key messages  

Know your mind

Embrace failure

Get gritty

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Welcome Robin Launder

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